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happy birthday

Happy birthday to the Klingon writer, who is John. He is from Utah , isn't he?

January 9, 2010

It's real cold out here in the midwest in the USA. It's real cold also in England and Germany. I saw that on BBC.

Writer's Block: Play it again, Sam

I would play 'Dancing Queen'. I'm not tired of that song yet.

tv show


This is where 'Monk' is. It's a really good tv show.

happy birthday

Happy birthday to trekwriter.


My birthday will be in two days. Then I will be 64 years old. I was born on the date that Japan signed the papers ending the second world war. It was on September the third, 1945. The event took place aboard the ship U.S.S. Missouri.

On September the third 1939 Germany attacked Poland. That was the beginning of world war two.

March 20, 2009

I was in discomfort with stomach problems. That pain is now almost gone. I gave it the name of 'bruise stomach'. Acetominophen 800 was helpful.

But I still have the sniffles and have had a cold for about three weeks.

ditch LJ

I'd like to get rid of LJ. How do I do that?

happy b.

Happy birthday to klingonwriter.


I wish a happy birthday to David Jones. He's 'abracadavey'. I think he's a pretty good magician.